Getting started

Amazon Web Services and MTurk Requester Accounts

Steps 1-3:

Step 4:

SentimentIt Account

You will now need your AWS security keys. In step 1 of account creation, you should have saved your security credentials to a file called ‘‘rootkey.csv’’. If you did not, you can create a new set of security credentials:

Step 5:

Next, create a SentimentIt account here. There will be two fields, ‘‘Mturk access key’’ and ‘‘Mturk secret key,’’ in which you input the information you just downloaded into your ‘‘rootkey.csv’’ file. The ‘‘AWSAccessKeyId’’ should be entered as the ‘‘Mturk access key’’ and ‘‘AWSSecretKey’’ is the ‘‘Mturk secret key’’. This will link your Amazon account to the SentimentIt system.

You are now ready to run an analysis. Click here to learn how to run an analysis.