When running an anaylysis, certifications can be used to control which workers are allowed to access your task. These certifications allow you to ensure that all workers have passed a training module, and no workers that you have determined delivery poor quality work are allowed to continue responding to your task. The steps involved with creating and using a certification are outlined below.

  1. Create A Test
  2. Create a Qualification Type through Mechanical Turk
  3. Create HIT w/ link to certification
  4. At beggining of test, check if on banned list
  5. At the end of the test, add user to the passed list
  6. Give test
  7. Review data + ban poor quality workers

1. Create A Test

2. Create a Qualification Type in Mechanical Turk

3. Create HIT Settings with Certification

4. Check if a User is Banned

{ "certifications": <certification_name>, "worker_id": <worker_id>, "allowed": <true if worker is on current certification, otherwise false> }

5. At the end of a certification test, add the user to a passed certification list

{ "certification": <certification_name>, "workers": [ <worker_id_0>, <worker_id_1> ... ], "email": <your_email>, "auth_token": <your_auth_token> }

6. Distrubute test and survey

7. Review data and ban poor quality workers

{ "certification": <passed_certification_name>, "workers": [ <worker_id_0>, <worker_id_1>, ... ], "email": <your_email>, "auth_token": <your_auth_token> }

{ "certification": <banned_certification_name>, "workers": [ <worker_id_0>, <worker_id_1> ... ], "email": <your_email>, "auth_token": <your_auth_token> }


1. Create two certifications

2. Create Qualtrics Survey

3. Check if a user is banned.

3. Set up survey flow and parameters

4. Add a successful user to the passed certification

5. Add a failed user to the banned certification